Experience the authentic taste of Iranian cuisines and the distinct flavors of Arabic dishes plus the amiable service here at Baisan Plaza.

Step inside and feel the breeze of Iranian fine dining, from our Appetizers down to the Desserts, it will surely keep you wanting more.

Enjoy the diverse flavors of the Middle East and feel the modern approach of Baisan Plaza to hospitality. Bring your friends, family or special someone and savor each moment here at Baisan Plaza, allow us to be a part of your memories.


What better way to start off a meal, is a tempting appetizer. Baisan Plaza gives you more options to entice your taste buds before the main course.

Our menu list for starters are carefully picked and decided to bring you only the best dining experience. We make sure that your first bite will be memorable so we have the highest standard in cooking especially for the appetizers since we believe that first impressions really last.

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Main Dishes

We know you’re hungry so now let’s get to the main course, here at Baisan Plaza Restaurant you will find the best tasting Iranian dishes you never thought Dubai would have.

We have the searched the best ingredients exclusively from Iran and simply cooked it with passion and alighted by our friendly staff. We make every effort to satisfy your taste buds and to only give you the authentic and freshly prepared meals while relaxing with the soothing and calming music background. Take a look on this menu and taste the difference of Iranian cooking. We swear you will keep coming for more.