Different lifestyle and culture, a mix of food and social gathering, Baisan Plaza is open for catering services.

With the highest standard in food technology, we pride ourselves in giving excellent dishes and service.


Whether a small get-together or a big party, we have a wide range of events catering that will surely captivate the moment.

For every event, we make sure that the food selection meets the standards of customers.

It may be a Social Events, for a family or friend or special someone;
Corporate Events, to show off your best foot forward to get the business deal closed;
School Events for classmates and teachers bonding time;
Festivals to commemorate the past with bountiful dishes;
Wedding Events of course, to celebrate the union of two hearts wed with the romantic menus;
and the Every day Event, whether you top the exam and celebrate or just having a good time with friends.
These are just some of the special events and there’s a whole lot more.


With every Event is an opportunity for us to showcase high-end equipments such as luxurious furniture and other accessories in any given venue.

Each event is special and so as the equipments that we are using, from the tables and chairs, bars and lounge furniture, dining, making sure that we only provide world-class equipment facilities.


Planning for a party in some unique areas? Don’t worry we’ll take care of that.

We know the right venues for the right occasions. It may be an outdoor party or the most luxurious place you would like, we’ll get you covered. If you would like some privacy and a romantic ambience, we will take you to a lovely place to fall in live with. Contact us for the best venues of your events.